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Please note! We can send your vouchers by post or by email if you would rather print the voucher yourself. As the post is busy over the holiday season an Email voucher can be best to ensure it arrives in time.

This page gives full details of all vouchers we offer. A voucher will cover the yacht and the skipper for your trip. For example our half day sailing voucher for 1-3 persons is £90 and that price allows up to three persons to go sailing all inclusive. For details of our sailing trips see our home page.

On receiving our voucher the recipient can contact us any time to chat about their sailing trip and arrange a time that is suitable for them.

Our full range of vouchers is also available at OutdoorNI here.

Our Half Day voucher (1-5 persons) for a half day sailing, around 3 hours over a morning or afternoon Monday - Friday. Please note this £150 voucher is the total price for up to 5 persons inclusive. 

Our Sunset Sailing voucher covers a 1.5 hour sail around the hour of Sunset and covers 1-5 persons sailing, Monday-Friday. 

Our Sail and Stay voucher covers a half day's or sunset sail and accommodation on board in Ballycastle Marina Monday - Friday. The voucher price is the total price for up to 5 sailors. 

Our Rathlin Island Sailing Experience voucher covers a sail to Rathlin Island with on board accommodation and a return sail the following day Monday-Friday. The voucher price is the total for 5 sailors. 

Full Day sailing vouchers are available on request covers a complete day on the water. Please call for more details (07759 228111)

Sails will be arranged according to your existing plans and tailored depending on the prevailing wind and tides on the day. If you would like a voucher for a larger group or for an exclusive private sail please contact us directly vial email or on 07759 228111.

Half Day Sailing Voucher (1-5 persons) - £150

Sunset Sailing Voucher - £90

Sail and Stay Voucher - £175

Rathlin  Island Sailing Experience Voucher - £250